How to Start Your Vlog

Start Your Vlog

Video blogging is becoming more and more popular – it can turn from a common hobby into a successful business. How to learn the aspects of vlog creations, find your audience and become popular on YouTube? We asked professionals the answers to these and other topical questions.

How to choose a theme for your video blog?

Choosing a video blog topic is the first and most important step for your future channel. There are several conditions here. First, be sure to choose a theme that you like. The excitement in your eyes and sincerity will immediately dispose the audience. Secondly, you must be a professional in your field. Mistakes and insecurities lead to mistrust in viewers – they won’t come back to you again.

How to find an audience on YouTube?

YouTube has a huge amount of videos and a wide variety of content, so ease of detection is essential. Be sure to think about titles, descriptions, and tags for each video. The description is a valuable resource for YouTube viewers and search engines about video content. Use keywords so that they fully describe the essence of the video. A well-chosen title and tags help YouTube to categorize the video and thereby increase its views.
Viewers decide whether to watch the video or not from the first shots, so it is important to interest the audience from the very beginning. Think over the content of each video:
• Will the viewer immediately like it and encourage him to share it on social networks with friends?
• Would you recommend your channel to others yourself?
• Why are your videos interesting or useful?
• How are they different from other channels?
If you manage to intrigue the audience at the beginning, then, most likely, the video will be watched to the end. Videos that are watched entirely by users are more likely to appear in YouTube search results than videos that are opened but not viewed.
Another way to get subscribers is to collaborate with other channels. Find YouTube partner creators who are filming related videos. Chat, recommend each other’s channels, shoot collaborative videos, create shared topics and playlists. All this will help you acquire a new audience for your channel.
And of course, don’t forget to post videos regularly. Constantly look for new topics, explore your field, and amaze your fans. It’s also important to keep an eye on search trends here. When a holiday is approaching, many are looking for videos on this particular topic.
For example, for the New Year, girls want to know what is the best makeup to do on a festive night, and on the May holidays, they are looking for tips for outdoor activities. Think about how to accommodate these trends in your channel, and your videos will appear more often in search results and related videos.