How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Want to get free xbox codes? This article is your guidelines to get free entrance to the most popular gaming market.

How to get free Xbox Live Gold

Currently, the only way to get free Xbox codes is by purchasing a package that includes. In attachment to a video play and/or console, a key to get a gold subscription for 2, 3, or 14 days. The subscription in question starts as soon as the prepaid code is redeemed through the purchased console. Note, however, that if you already have an active subscription, you cannot use a trial subscription code to renew your subscription. In fact, the prepaid code can only be redeemed after the current subscription expires.
These codes are also only included in certain games or packages and cannot be combined. After the trial period ends, you must purchase a subscription to continue using the Xbox Live Gold service. If you intend to take this opportunity, I recommend that you inquire about the availability of these specific promotions at major electronics or video game stores.

More solutions for free Xbox codes

As an alternative to purchasing an Xbox Live Gold package, try other solutions to get this service. For example, you can get a subscription for free (or almost) by participating in the Microsoft Rewards points collection program. Also, don’t forget if you want to subscribe at any time. Xbox Live Gold, you can buy the same on the official website or via Xbox.
To find out more, keep reading: in the next lines, I will tell you more about these solutions so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Buy subscription package In this chapter, I want to inform you about the possibility of purchasing a ray included in the price. In addition to a video game and/or console, even a subscription for several months to the Xbox Live Gold service.
If you are interested in these types of offers, try to inquire about their availability at the electronics or video game store you usually link to or search on Amazon. So you can take advantage of the discounts associated with a well-known e-commerce site.

Sign up for a subscription

Did you buy a package with months included in your Gold subscription, and now that your subscription has expired, you want to know how to renew? No problem: this is a very simple operation that can be performed both from the computer and through the Microsoft console.
In both cases, the only prerequisite is to successfully register a Microsoft account, which of course must be the same one connected to the Xbox. If you’ve already completed these preliminary steps, follow the instructions on the following lines to purchase a Gold subscription from your PC or through the console of the giant Redmond.