Best Mouse Pads for Gaming

When we talk about upgrading a gaming computer, we, first of all, mean the purchase of a processor, RAM, video card, SDD-drive, and other expensive and powerful hardware. Meanwhile, even such a seemingly primitive accessory, like a large mouse pad, can significantly affect the gaming results. It is because the accuracy of mouse movements, the comfort of the gamer, his mood, and sometimes even health depend on the correct selection of it.

How is a playing pad different from a regular one?

Even novice gamers these days understand how a gaming mouse or headphones differs from ordinary ones. But the phrase “gaming mouse pad” is sometimes puzzling. After all, modern mice with a laser sensor, unlike the old “ball” models, theoretically do not need a rug at all. They work even right on the table, even on a piece of paper, even on an old book, even on a 10-year-old cork mat.
In theory, this is the case, but in practice, the speed of its movement and the accuracy of positioning of the sensor significantly depends on the properties of the surface on which the mouse operates. In general, the smoother the surface of the rug, the faster the manipulator slides over it. On the other hand, the rougher the rug is, the more accurately the laser tracks movements. Since in modern games, and especially in e-sports, the speed and accuracy of reaction sometimes decide the outcome of the largest battles.
Today’s play mat manufacturers take these factors into account when designing their products. They strive to maximize both the speed and accuracy of mice through the use of advanced technology and materials. An increase in the speed of movement of the mouse is accompanied by an increase in the range of its positions on the table. So often gaming rugs are also much larger than the classic ones in size.

Best mouse pad materials

The material from which it is made will have a significant impact on the properties of the gaming mouse. Currently, the most widespread are the following materials:
• Rubber or rubberized fabric is, in fact, an intermediate option between playing and ordinary mice. They give a good grip of the mouse to the surface, protect the table and hands well, and slightly increase the speed of movement.
• The plastic is harder, smoother. It differs in slightly higher speed than fabric, significantly higher accuracy, and a slightly higher price.
• Metal (most often aluminum) is the hardest and smoothest option, it is characterized by maximum speed and accuracy. Such a gaming rug is almost immortal, especially against the background of the quickly-wearing fabric.
• Glass is close to metal in properties, shares all its advantages and limitations. Currently, it is almost impossible to buy such an option online.
In addition to the material, playmats are often divided according to the surface roughness. Rough ones give more accuracy, so they are classified under the Control category. Smoother ones increase the speed of movements, therefore they belong to the Speed category.

New Characters in Pokemon Sword and Shield

On the Armored Island, you will receive a unique outfit and new pokemon sword and shield characters. During exciting gameplay, you will be equipped with special clothing for the harsh conditions that await you on your unusual experiences!


Mustard will show up on the Armored Island and assume responsibility for your preparation. This is an incredible Trainer who has been a hero for a very long time and even prior to dynamizing was presented in the skirmishes of the Pokémon League. Nobody has broken his record at this point! Indeed, the top dog Leon himself prepared under Mustard, and it was Mustard who was quick to uncover Leon’s ability!
Two new adversaries may show up on the Armored Island. These are prepared Poison and Psychic Trainers who are truly planning to one day set up their own training place and Arena for their kind of Pokémon. The adversary you meet will rely upon what game you play.


Avery is one of the Trainers in Mustard’s dojo, improving his abilities, who is additionally an epicurean of mystic Pokémon. He is very respectful and affable, yet in addition exceptionally pleased. It would appear that it is in you that he will see a critical opponent!
Upon landing in the Crown of the Snow Land, you will meet Peony, who took his little girl with him on the excursion. He attempts to discover reality in the district’s stories of Legendary Pokémon. He isn’t truly adept at tuning in, yet his courageous disposition stands out. He is caring and worships his girl.
Notwithstanding these two opponents of the Armored Island and Crown of the Snow Land developments, you will meet numerous other intriguing characters. We trust you anticipate reaching new appearances in these different regions!

A familiar formula

The basic idea remains the same: we play as a teenager watching Pokémon fights on the tablet screen. But suddenly we have the opportunity to prove ourselves and become champions ourselves. By a lucky coincidence, our friend turns out to be the brother of the reigning champion, we receive a starting Pokemon as a gift (choosing between fire, water, and grass). With its help, we begin to collect our own team of pocket monsters.
The ultimate goal is to visit several gyms and defeat the coaches, for which we will receive medals and eventually become a jack of all trades. In between these episodes, the game sometimes recalls the plot, but it is not very interesting. There are very few events and they are spaced far from each other, and there is nothing memorable between them.
But the characters are cute – among the trainers, there are quite interesting personalities corresponding to their favorite types of Pokemon. Marnie stands out the brightest, who has become the object of adoration of Pokemon fans around the world.